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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jualiza's Order

This order is from Jualiza, my officemate (ceh speaking di pagi hari) for her lovely bf..

She ordered i phone pouch from pvc. This item is not available yet. I mean the pvc craft is upon request.

The pouch is 100% handmade. For outer part i'm using pvc (black) and for inner part, layered with felt sheet (red).

The chosen theme is red and black. Of course this is the 1st design or should i say it is my 1st try. This pouch will be on sale soon.

 Thanks for viewing!


  1. kak hadiah tak hantar lagi ke??

  2. dah hantar dah...tapi dipulangkan semula sebab melebihi had...

    orang lain sume dah dpt dah...esok akak pos smula dengan tempahan customer yang lain...

    maaf ye...

  3. UNA >> RM17, nantikan design lain utk hp pouch tuh